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Safe Driving Initiative

Roads 2 Survival™
is a free program which aims to decrease the rate of death and injury of young people on our roads through safe driving and personal commitment to Road Safety Agreements. It includes a Parent-Young Person Safe Driving Agreement as well as four other Road Safety Agreements

The original School-Parent-Child Road Safety Agreement is also designed around the child just starting school and includes everything in the "Road Rangers" version and more. This agreement is based on the concept that children start to learn their driving behaviour from an early age when they are spending time as passengers. For example adult driving behaviour during school pickups and dropoffs (both good and bad) may set a standard which is picked up by a young child and then repeated 10-15 years later.

The Parent-Young Person Safe Driving Agreement was developed with major input from young people. It involves 5 key elements Discussion, Trust, Family, Responsibility, and Choice Importantly, it asks for commitments from the parent(s) as well as from the son/daughter.

The Peer Group Young Person Safe Driving Agreement is for young drivers to agree to watch out for each other. It is designed for a sporting club, a school class, or a group of friends. It has been embraced by a number of sporting clubs for their young teams. It very much revolves around the Australian concept of "looking after your mates".

The "Road Rangers" School-Parent-Child Road Safety Agreement
is designed around the child just starting school and covers issues including school drop-offs and footpath safety. The example available on the agreements page was created for an Australian City Council working in concert with the schools in their council area.

The New Baby-Family Safe Driving Agreement is designed for parents of a new baby. This is a joyous time but also one which offers a chance to review family responsibilities.

Maybe one of these can help you to keep your family and friends alive?

It is your choice.



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