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PLEASE NOTE: This page is still under construction. As we are asked further questions more information will be placed here.

(1) What are the different Agreements about?

The initial agreement provided was the Parent-Young Person Safe Driving Agreement. This is aimed at the young person just starting his/her driving and his/her parent(s) to provide a family approach to road safety. Subsequently additional Agreement documents have been developed.
The next of these is the School/Parent/Child Road Safety Agreement. This is aimed at the child just starting school and covers issues such as safety in and around cars and roads and emphasises the fact that children start to learn driving behaviour at a very early age by watching adults. It also involves a joint comitment by the school and the parent to try to maximise road safety for the child.
Feedback from teen drivers has led to the development of the thrid Agreement. This is the Peer Group Young Person Road Safety Agreement. This is an agreement between two or more young people to look out for each other.
The fourth Agreement is the New Born Baby-Family Road Safety Agreement which addresses issues regarding road safety of particular relevence to new parents, such as appropriate seat child restraints, driveway safety etc. This Agreement is still under development.

(2) Does the Parent-Young Person Road Safety Agreement have to be between a parent and his/her child?

No. The Agreement can be between any adult and the young driver. In some cases a parent may not be available or even if one is, a young person may feel more comfortable coming to an agreement with another adult such as another relative, a friend or perhaps a teacher. Who it is does not matter. What does matter is that the Agreement requires commitments from BOTH parties regardless of who they are. The young person is agreeing to certain conditions during the period he/she is a relatively inexperienced driver, while the older person is agreeing to provide support and in particular help at any hour of the day or night no questions asked.

(3) Do all items have to be filled in?

No. Any items may be omitted or changed as mutually agreed. It is up to the two individuals concerned.

(4) Does it cost anything?

No. A copy of the Parent-Young Person Safe Driving Agreement is downloadable from these pages, as are copies of the other three agreements so far developed. Roads 2 Survival™ is a non profit organisation. Schools/organisations may wish to distribute copies to their students themselves. An A4 version with the school's logo/crest/name on it can be supplied at no charge. The school would then need to pay its own costs to print and distribute them to their students. A school that has taken local ownership of the program can have it's name and logo added to the supporters page if they would like to do so.

(5) Does it work?

Roads 2 Survival™ is a new program in Australia so there is no evidence locally as yet. However, there is evidence that similar programs overseas have been associated with a decrease in injuries, deaths and road traffic offences. One program compared results in two adjacent counties in South Carolina in the USA. They found that the county with the program (Lancaster County) had a decrease in teen crashes from 90 to 65 while the adjacent county without the program (Greenwood County) had an increase from 58 to 80. Over the same time period road offence tickets issued to teen drivers went from approximately 950 to 610 in the county with the program and from approximately 620 to just over 800 in the county without the program (See graphs below).

Collision graph
Ticket graph

(6) What happens if one or other party "breaks" an Agreement?

The Agreements are between the parties concerned and they can decide on what consequences (if any) there should be for either breaking or following an Agreement. As no-one is perfect, from time to time, maybe one or other signatory may not fulfil an Agreement completely to the letter. However it is hoped that the Agreement will remain as a commitment between people who care about each other. Hopefully if the Agreement is "broken" at any stage the consequences wont be fatal.

(7) Is there anything else we can do?

Anyone, young or old is likely to benefit from a defensive driving course or other form of advanced driving instruction. While Roads 2 Survival™ does not endorse any specific course, people are encouraged to identify a course in their local area and complete it. It would follow the philosophy of the Agreement for a parent and young driver to do such a course together.

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